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Creating brand exposure, generating new business, and increasing revenue like nothing else you have tried in the past.

Collaborative merchant services and marketing for your compnay.

Every 1 Wins Marketing

Collaborative merchant services and marketing for your compnay.

Who wouldn’t love to expand their brand with televised exposure, or wine and dine clients and prospects while forging stronger relationships with your current ones – and all without an additional financial outlay? We understand the importance of protecting the bottom line and realize that the ultimate bottom line is winning.

After deciding that the Merchant Services LTD/Every1Wins Marketing Program is a perfect fit for you, we believe you will find the ease of switching Merchant Services is seamless. It won’t cost you any additional expense to switch. The next step is to decide what market you want to target and leave the rest to us.

You’ll win AND be a hero in your community and to your customers – past, present, and future.

We look forward to meeting with you to create a win/win solution.


We pack our programs full of benefits. Check them out!

World Class Hospitality

Let us show you how we do it.

Tickets + Credentials

Get tickets and credentials as part of our give back program.

Dedicated Support

You’ll be assigned your own hospitality manager.

Marketing Services

Your logo at our racing and sporting events.

All programs are ala-carte. You select the demographics/sporting events you want to target for maximum exposure for your company.

Why use us?

No merchant service company can do what we do for your company. It’s that simple. Let’s meet and discuss how we can partner together for the best win/win partnership anywhere.  Leverage what you currently are paying for Merchant Services by increasing your bottom line without spending your hard earned money to increase it. No Merchant Service provider can match our give back to not only you but to the community as a whole.

About Us

Everyone Marketing challenges the status quo every day with our outside of the box thinking. With our affiliate partners, we are able to leverage your merchant services and do the unheard of, use the profit margin to actually build your brand, bottom line and exposure. By teaming up with Every1Wins Marketing, we assure you that the fees you currently enjoy with your current merchant service provider transfer over with our program. We know your current Merchant Service provider isn’t doing all we are able to, to build your business.Whether you want to have exposure at a PGA golf tournament with VIP credentials to entertain your clients, vendors, or activate new business channels, or if you enjoy the exposure seeing your company on a televised Professional Motorsports event, the choice is yours. (*Based on contract size). You can now choose the demographics you want to be in front of, all top tier sports apply. And imagine, to get all this will not increase your budgets at all to do. It is how Every1Wins Marketing leaves EVERY1 a WINNER!

We create and implement effective strategies to build brand exposure and activation, and engage the demographics you seek to drive your business to the next level.

TV visibility in the Top Tier Sport of your choice

How do you want to engage your market?

Explosive televised brand exposure, world-class hospitality, or both! The choice is yours, leave the rest to us!

Community Give Back

With our Merchant Service Program, you will be a partner in community giveback by helping the younger generations from the lasting effects of mild traumatic brain injuries, commonly known as concussions. Our affiliation with BrainForest Centers opens the door to offer an impactful give back program to benefit future generations in your community with a mobile concussion detection and mitigation baseline center. You will be supporting this movement while receiving recognition as a partner in brain health and wellness solutions.

Our solution is one that is being met with rave reviews, and the impact at the community level is massive with our give back program. And we will partner with you on that, as well as give your company explosive growth you would have to pay millions of dollars to get without us, and we won’t even increase your budget to do so. Enjoy the merchant service provider we are associated with, they know what they are doing and you will love their personal touch and world class customer service, we do the rest. It’s never business as usual at Every1Wins Marketing. Find our for yourself. You need to call us before your competitor does.

Want in?