Our Approach

Our vision it to take marketing to a previously unheard-of level with outside-the-box strategies and solutions. We are involved in all echelons of top tier sports and over the last few years we noticed a lot of sponsors are pulling the plug on traditional “write the check” sponsorship opportunities. Companies have to be more fiscally responsible and have to be more mindful of their expenditures in today’s market. We came up with an interesting approach to align ourselves with a seasoned, U.S.-based merchant service processing company which has your growth and savings in mind. By switching Merchant Service Providers, it opens the door for us so we can market and brand your company in Top Tier Sports. We can do this by using a percent of the current merchant service fees you already pay, and give it back in form of potential growth.

Our Story

Our backgrounds are diverse but goals and visions are the same. We are all about giving back and helping others. Together we are partners in BrainForest Centers in Fishers, Indiana where our focus is Brain Health and Wellness for those who suffer from anything from Anxiety/Depression, Addictions, PTSD and so many other conditions.

As we expand the BrainForest Brand across the country, we chose motorsports as our partner and ambassadors to deliver our message and give us brand exposure and recognition. We have aligned with top Nutraceutical companies who want to grow their business and expand their National footprint. They chose to switch their merchant service provider with us to get more exposure than they dreamed of, at no additional cost to them. They will get world class hospitality at sporting events, televised exposure in motorsports (Value in the millions of dollars) in IndyCar, NASCAR, etc… It makes sense to them to get all this exposure without any financial outlay for them to do it. This is the sole purpose we formed Every1Wins Marketing, because this is truly a simple way to expand market reach with results in a painless win-win for everyone involved.

Meet the Team

Julie A. Cloud – Founder and President

Julie Cloud is a healthcare administrator, manager, clinician, public health educator and advocate for women, children, and other under-privileged groups.  She has dedicated much of her career to clinical patient care in general and specialized practice, including patients of all ages with acute and chronic health conditions, and those with special needs.  Julie was born and raised in a family with strong values and beliefs about helping vulnerable populations. She was influenced by a long line of family members who dedicated their own lives to healthcare and advocacy.

After a traumatic life-changing experience, Julie realized her passion to help others rise to a new level.  She was led to get involved in helping others who had experienced life-changing traumatic events or struggled with mental health issues.  The best approach was to continue her education and pursue a position of leadership.

As a recent Summa Cum Laude graduate from a B.S. in Healthcare Administration and Management program, Julie has worked to gain experience in volunteering and event planning for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. In her spare time, she enjoys being outdoors with her three boys who share in her sports enthusiasm and love for travel, sushi, movies, and music.  Julie hopes to instill the same values and social responsibility in her sons as her mother did in her.

Kevin W. Butterfield – Founder and Motorsports Liaison

Kevin Butterfield is fascinated by the study and treatment of the brain. As a military veteran and the son of a prominent Neurosurgeon, his passion has been to change the way brain conditions are identified and treated. Today, at Brain Forest Centers Kevin continues to help people of all ages and all walks of life. He helps not only the individual child/adult but the family as a whole. Kevin is confident that treatment at Brain Forest will help you and your family members navigate ADHD/ADD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD).

Kevin is an avid automobile racing enthusiast and an outside-of-the-box thinker when it comes to motorsports safety. He is the Founder and CEO of Wellness Racing and is determined to bring change to the racing world. Kevin was recently selected to be a member of Racing Safety United as concussion detection/mitigation expert to make racing safer world wide. Kevin continues to develop solutions for issues arise in high-impact-safety (e.g. football, Motorsports racing, military). His military experience and love of racing have lead him to be a pioneering trailblazer in his field. Kevin hopes that through the highly visual platform of Motorsports Racing, his ventures will bring awareness, prevention, and support to brain injury survivors around the world.

Jeff Sterns – Sales Manager

Jeff was born, raised and educated in Detroit, Michigan. His father was very involved in the antique and collectible automobile business, so Jeff literally grew up in the car industry. In 1978, his father sold his company and the family moved to Clearwater, Florida. His Father’s goal was to keep his sons out of the automobile industry. But the seed was planted and Jeff was hooked!

After completing his education, Jeff began his career with a pre-owned auto dealer and learned all the nuances of the business. In 1986, he joined a large dealership as a salesperson and was later promoted to Business Manager and on to be a success in several sales and marketing roles at some of the largest dealerships in the state.

Jeff has an extensive and impressive list of brand exposure and increasing companies bottom line ventures with proven strategies. He brings his vast knowledge and expertise to the team of Every1Wins Marketing.