What’s the catch?

There is absolutely no “catch.” We want to be the intermediary to who you use for your merchant service processing for years to come. We will MATCH any rate you currently have, and we will take a portion of that fee, and offset it into marketing to grow your company. No strings attached, just good business strategy. We are a marketing company, who has a contract with a merchant service processing company with decades of experience in this field.

Blancpain GT World Challenge/SRO America; Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas; Feb. 28-March 3, 2019:

Can we choose what demographics we want to be in front of to get new customer acquisitions?

Absolutely! Each company has a certain volume in merchant service processing, and based on that, we will give you an Ala-Carte list of events you qualify for. Your options are based on your sales volume, marketing goals, and demographics you want to be in front of. We have solid relationships established in all top tier sporting venues.

Go to where the crowds are

Why doesn’t my current merchant service provider provide us such an awesome value ad?

It’s too much work for a bank to undertake. They are in the business of processing merchant services payments for you – period. Every1Wins Marketing will connect you with a company that will excel in that department, and we take over from there. You can’t get back the fees you have paid for merchant service processing, but moving forward with us, you will get some of that back to grow your business. We provide exposure in top tier sports, and provide World Class Hospitality for you to use as well. The exposure can be massive. Our team works with your marketing team to get you the best value possible. Everything is a-la-carte and what we can accomplish for you is dependent on the size of the account processing. Of course the larger the account, the larger the exposure.

Get your name in front of the masses with Every1Wins Marketing

How do you get started?

The first thing we do for you, is to find out how much we can save you compared to your current merchant service provider. What is needed for that is for us to get your last 3 months merchant service statements. We will NOT shop your account at all, you can black out the name of the company before you send them to us, we can get a proper assessment with the three month statements alone.