Simple – Leverage

Because of our exclusive agreement, we levered a better deal for merchant services than a single company can do on their own. Think of it like a Co-Op – we are more influential as a group than we are individually. We are the group, and we pass those savings on to you by giving you a significant percentage of what we receive!

When you switch your merchant services over to Every1Wins, you will receive the same, or even better, merchant rate than your current provider gives you now and you won’t see any changes in your day-to-day processing. For you and your company, there’s no increase in cost or fees.

Everything works the same, except the transaction is now routed through our U.S.-based processor. (You read that right, our processor is based here in the U.S.A!)

Then, Every1Wins Marketing receives a portion of that money back from the processor. We keep a portion for operating costs and you receive a portion back, which accumulates in a secure account, until you decide to use it for something. How much do you get back exactly? We wish we could give you a concrete answer! Not only does it vary per merchant (you), but it varies per transaction, per card used, swipe or tap, card present or not, the list goes on! We don’t know until we receive the monthly breakdown after the fact – plus it can change from month-to-month.

That said, you need to make decisions on data – not on hopes and promises.

Please use our contact form and we will get back with you on a rough estimate on how much you could expect to receive in marketing credit. Regardless, it’s more than you are getting back now!

What will you do with your newly-found resources? Speaking of leverage – you will also benefit from our key contacts in the top-tier sports industry, often providing discounted rates for top advertising spots or concierge service to sporting events. We work with you to determine what exactly is the best marketing tool to use your funding toward.

Time is ticking. How long will you wait to start taking some of your hard-earned money and use it to grow your business??

Still have more questions? (or don’t believe it’s this easy?)