So you’re probably thinking, “Okay, so you are collecting these merchant fees that I can use for marketing. What kind of marketing services can I get?”

Glad you asked!

We are not here to replace your existing marking department or group – we work with them! We exist to help you get access to top-tier sports venues. We have exclusive partnerships and extensive relationships in the sports arena, particularly motorsports. Use the money you are already spending on processing fees to provide value to your company you never thought possible.

You will gain access to resources for you and your company; most commonly used for:

  • Top tier sports sponsorship
  • Imagine your name on the side of an Indy Car
  • Ever dream of sponsoring a hospitality tent at the Masters?
  • Picture your company logo on the side of a NASCAR car
  • Corporate outings
  • Imagine the surprise by thanking a group of key individuals with a trip to Wimbledon
  • Thank a group of significant donors by leasing a suite at the Kentucky Derby
  • Tickets to the Super Bowl? World Series? NCAA Championship game? Infield passes to the Indy 500? It’s all possible!
  • Other benefits – Need something a little smaller?
  • Send your top sales group to Hawaii for a week as a sales incentive
  • Send your marketing group on a Caribbean Cruise
  • Whatever your needs, we are here to help!
Enjoy a weekend at a Professional Golf Tournament
Watch your company logo go around the track at over 200 mph
Take your executive leadership team to the Kentucky Derby (hat not included)
Advertising screen time – stock car style!
Tennis fans? Treat the board of directors in style!

Get started today!