Every1Wins. It’s not just our name – it’s who we are.

When you switch your current merchant service provider to one Every1Wins Marketing, we will not only match your current rate, but in many cases we can lower it. We will also help you grow your business with our unique marketing strategy and affiliations in top tier sports. We take a percent of what you currently are paying in fees and can brand you in top tier sports. Our event planning/sports marketing team will handle all the leg work for you. Together we can set up an awesome campaign for you to bring you more customers or vendors than you ever thought possible. And the unique thing about this, is that is won’t cost you anything to do it!

Your current Merchant Service Processing company doesn’t want you to find out about us!

They are in the banking/processing business and that’s all they have time for. They are not interested in bringing additional value to their clients.

Ask your current processor if they can put you in televised sports where you can get millions of dollars in TV exposure at no cost. They can’t.

Will they offer you World-Class Hospitality in top tier sports so you can close higher level deals for no added cost? They won’t.

It makes sense to switch in every sense of the word. What are you waiting for?

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The Future of Merchant Service Processing is here. Make your money work harder for you.